Our Story

(Visiting the Sea of Galilee in Israel)

Weary of the same ol’ soulless shopping experience offered on e-commerce behemoths like Amazon, I was craving something better… Something special… A curated shopping experience that’s more personal and vastly more interesting.

That’s why I built Wright Edison.

I wanted to celebrate the spirit of innovation that drives invention and progress. I wanted to introduce an element of excitement and discovery to the shopping experience.

Sure, we could peddle the mundane like everyone else… but where’s the fun in that?

At Wright Edison, we’re all about discovering innovative products from around the world and sharing them with those influential few who possess a discerning taste for unique, stylish and fascinating things.

Built for our fellow tastemakers, we revel in the curation of products not easily found at traditional retailers.

You won’t find millions of products for sale here (or hundreds, even). What you will find are items that have been hand-selected and thoroughly vetted for quality, design, and usability.

I sincerely hope you love what you see and enjoy the thrill of discovery as you explore the collections our team has assembled.

All the Best,